Author: Rogier

Dutch offroad enthusiastic. Likes to drive as much as possible offroad. Tinker on my bike, and (day-)dream about past and present rides and travels. I live in the south-east of the Netherlands with my beloved wife and two sons. Most of the time however, I spend on aligning IT & Business for a living.
6. March 2022 0

Tripy II connector

By Rogier

The Tripy II is an ideal device for creating and riding digital road books and GPS tracks. However, the corresponding…

3. November 2018 2

Cable guide

By Rogier

When you install the Rade Garage fairing, there is no guide for the speedo and ABS cables. The result is…

17. July 2018 1

Auxiliary tanks

By Rogier

If you consider an extra tank to add some range to your 701. These options I do like te most.…

23. June 2018 2

Fairing: Rade Garage

By Rogier

The Czech company Rade Garage builds nice products for a small range of adventure and rally style bikes. At the…