The purpose of this website is to gather all -to me- relevant information about the Husqvarna 701 Enduro. There is just to much information available on Facebook groups, blogs, forums, videos and webshops to remember. This website will be my collective memory on all those tips, tricks, goodies and things that are just interesting to know.
Feel free to use, link or share this information. Lot's the knowledge that's displayed on this website isn't mine either. I do try always to point towards the original source.


Portugal offroad

From 2-9 October I went offroad riding in Portugal with a friend. We drove mainly TET and ACT tracks. Combined with some offroad tracks we’ve found on wikiloc. It was an awesome trip. Very hot in the afternoon (30/34C). I’ll remember Portugal as very nice. Kind people, beautiful scenery and very good offroad riding posibilities. Tracks are all over the place. Even on the road was a joy. Especialy around the Douro area. Hotels (40~80 euro per room) and food are cheap (10~15 euro), at least off-season. Petrol was around 1,90 (athome in Netherlands 2,00 at this time).

Spain – Andalusia

From 16-23 september 2022 offroad riding in Andalusia with four friends. Bikes transported by NordCargo to Malaga. Eight days riding in the south of Spain, near Sierra Nevada, Guadix, Granada, Tabernas. Awesome trip. Hot weather (30C) very good and cheap food, drinks and hotels 🙂

Enduro du Condroz
Enduro du Condroz with 701

180km offroad track through the Condroz region in Wallonia Belgium. Day started cold at -1C but very sunny. Awesome day 🙂

WP 4CS forks

Yearly maintenance. For details look here

This year’s extra: WP 4CS forks oil and seals changed

Brabo 600, uhh 300
Brabo 300

This year i didn’t manage to ride for the usual two days. So my Brabo 600 became only 300km’s. Nevertheless one of the nicest events of the year.

Greece Adventure
2021 Greece Adventure

11-19 September 2021. With Arjan Brouwer https://dutchdakar.com and fifty other dutchmen offroad riding in Greece.

Check out the pictures

Midsummer 1000
Midsummer 1000

Back in the day, when i started driving offroad in 2004, one of my first events was the Midsummer 1000. A yearly event that’s held on or around midsummer (21 june) and covers a thousand kilometers of allroad tracks thru the Netherlands. One year it starts north, the other in the south. This year i’ve re-entered the MS1000 after about 10 years of absence.

DB killer Wings exhaust
DB killer Wings exhaust

I’ve changed the dB killer from my Wings exhaust. Wings provides two. The louder one is pre-installed. Finally i’ve tried the smaller one (30mm instead of 34mm). Does make a difference. Keep the smaller one fitted 🙂

Transwallonië Adventure Raid +
Transwallonie Adventure Raid and some more...

A five day offroad trip by Tripy roadbooks. We drove from home to the start in Vught (the Netherlands) and then thru Belgium to the north of France, near Verdun. Together with Frank, we traveled as light as possible. Only some clothes for the evenings. We’ve slept in hotels near the track. We followed the TAR track south to Givet. Then we improvised to pickup the most northern track (roadbook 3) from Dun sur Meuse. The next day in Dun sur Meuse we did roadbook 1. On our way back we took the remaining part of roadbook 3 back north and picked up the TAR track back home. The tracks were provided by Ad K.

Sold my KTM EXC 450

Since i’ve got my 701 I didn’t use my 450 anymore. After almost 1,5 year i’ve decided to sell my EXC after having it ten years. The 701 is just light enough to do it all. Okay, when i’m stuck in the mud or have to ride really gnarly enduro tracks i will probably doubt my choice 🙂

Fitting the extra tank
Fitting the extra tank

Fitting the extra Rade Garage tank.

Rade Garage auxiliairy tank
Rade Garage auxiliairy tank

Bought a secondhand tank from Rade Garage from somebody on Facebook. Add’s another 5,9 liter petrol. Makes a total of 18,5 liter usabel petrol

TET United Kingdom

In may 2019 we drove a major part of the Trans Euro Trail UK. We picked up the dutch TET trail, that’s only a few kilometer from my house. At the Belgium border we continued the TET untill about 15.00. From that point on we took the highway to the ferry. To loose the minimum of quality time on the bike we took the nightboat from Zeebrugge to Hull. In the morning we arrived in England and drove about two hours to pickup the track at Masham/Swinton. From then on we had a dry week of riding 🙂

In total we drove almost 2500km from 9-16 may.

Bought myself a 21Brothers Rogal 40 liter bag
21brothers 40ltr rogal bag

For my travelplans i’ve bought myself a white 40 liter bag. Made by 21brothers. Waterproof and very solid made.

Scotts steeringdamper
Scotts steeringdamper

Added a Scotss steeringdamper on a Rade Garage adapter.

Added a heat shield

To protector my leg from burning (and buying new pants every

week) I’ve added a carbon heat shield to the exhaust manifold.


First (1000 KM) maintenance

KM: 1360

Today my 701 enduro got it’s first maintenance. In fact it’s only
an oil and oil-filter change. The dealer also added some injector

Brabo 600
Brabo 600

My first Brabo edition on my 701. Although I was breaking-in the engine, my friend had difficulty to keep up with his Husaberg 450. He needed a little nap at a reststop.

My 701 adventure
701 adventure

A week later my 701 was ready-ish… when is a bike ever ready 🙂

Building an Adventure bike

KM: 40

In the first week after I picked up my new bike, my new

accessories got delivered one by one. I started to build

my ideal adventure bike. I’ve added the next things to my 701:

  • Rade Garage fairing
  • Rade Garage skidplate with toolbox
  • Wings exhaust (muffler only)
  • Pivot pegz

And then I started breaking in the bike…

Rade Garage fairing & skidplate
Rade Garage fairing

The same week I had my 701, I started to tear it apart. Never had a new bike before, so it was kinda strange to start disassembling half the bike. The day I ordered my bike is also ordered some goodies from Rade Garage: the F3 fairing and the skidplate with toolbox. Fitting the fairing took about 4 hours. Very nice kit. I’m writing this timeline-story on feb. ’22 and it hasn’t failed anything yet. So very please with it.

Pickup my Husqvarna 701 Enduro
Pickup my Husqvarna 701 Enduro

KM: 0

Today I went to pickup my brand new 701 at the dealer.