The purpose of this website is to gather all -to me- relevant information about the Husqvarna 701 Enduro. There is just to much information available on Facebook groups, blogs, forums, videos and webshops to remember. This website will be my collective memory on all those tips, tricks, goodies and things that are just interesting to know.

Feel free to use, link or share this information. Lot’s the knowledge that’s displayed on this website isn’t mine either. I do try always to point towards the original source.


2018 - November 4

Added a heat shield

To protector my leg from burning (and buying new pants every

week) I’ve added a carbon heat shield to the exhaust manifold.


2018 - November 1

First (1000 KM) maintenance

KM: 1360

Today my 701 enduro got it’s first maintenance. In fact it’s only
an oil and oil-filter change. The dealer also added some injector

2018 - September 29

Building an Adventure bike

KM: 40

In the first week after I picked up my new bike, my new

accessories got delivered one by one. I started to build

my ideal adventure bike. I’ve added the next things to my 701:

  • Rade Garage fairing
  • Rade Garage skidplate with toolbox
  • Wings exhaust (muffler only)
  • Pivot pegz

And then I started breaking in the bike…

2018 - September 22

Pickup my Husqvarna 701 Enduro

KM: 0

Today I went to pickup my brand new 701 at the dealer.