Leaking clutch slave piston

Leaking clutch slave piston

25. June 2018 1 By Rogier
It has been reported many times that the hydraulic clutch is leaking. Several people report that the slave clutch  is leaking. It seems that the o-ring on the slave cilinder is leaking. On advrider.com someone posted some solutions for this problem.

Original slave

Original defective slave

Slave housing with lots of grease

The original post says:

“For those of you that have experienced Magura clutch slave piston seal failure there are a few options. I chose option 3 below for my ’18 701E (Brembo piston with o-ring seal and new gasket installed in Magura housing ). Husky would only put the same flawed double-thin-lipped seal assembly/housing in under warranty. I said no after thorough inspection and research.

Magura slave piston seal failure with 947 miles on bike. The original was well greased I must say.

Stock Magura on left, Brembo replacement on right
 Verify parts, prices, fitment etc. Mostly copied off web. All liability is yours. Option 3 is installed (direct fit with no modifications) and working good on my ’18 701E – Thank you Brembo.. Perhaps there are other options as well.
More info here: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/ugh-clutch-master-slave-is-gone-help.829346/

Option 1: Oberon Slave Cylinder

part# CLU-1000. 3 seals on piston. Currently $132.00 shipped from UK to US

Option 2: Rekluse Slave Cylinder

part# 742-029A. $169 shipped directly from Rekluse. This has the external bleed screw for those with the straight clutch pipe.

Option 3: a KTM/Brembo Slave piston

..from a 450 XC-F or similar in the Magura housing. KTM piston w/o-ring seal part #54832066000, gasket part #59032065000, extra o-ring seal part #54832067000 about $50 plus shipping

Option 4: Sigutech slave cylinder – Germany

3 seals on piston

Option 5: Replace entire slave unit with a Brembo unit from KTM.