All of the maintenance and modifications on my ’18 model 701

2023-09-0930648In preparation of my trip to Portugal I changed the GPS setup. Added a Garmin zümo XT and relocated the Quadlock charger.
2023-08-2630542550Changed rear tire and bibmousse.
Metzeler MC360 midhard 140/80-18 and secondhand rally mousse.
New chain DID VX3 with sprockets (15-48)
2023-08-12Repair of the main wire loom on the right sight of the R/G airbox. Two cable's we're pinched and broken. Soldered and retaped it.
2023-06-2929721536Oil change Motorex Cross Power 10w/60
Oil filters Hiflo HF155 (long) + Hiflo HF651 (short)
Cleaned oilscreens and replaced copper

Inspection valves, all OK (OUT 0,25-0,25 / IN 0,10-0,10)

O-Ring and Seal driveshaft (complete revisionkit 75033010010)

Replaced rear brakedisc off-road wheels with MotoMaster Flame 110702 + brakepads

2023-04-3027859503New tires on the allroad wheelset
Heidenau K60 Ranger 90/90-21 (€ 84,78) + 140/80-18 (€ 115,59)
2022-10-0726466477Oil change Motorex Cross Power 10w/60
Oil filters Hiflo HF155 (long) + Hiflo HF651 (short)
Cleaned oilscreens and replaced copper washer

New brakepads front; OEM Brembo (because the original lasted 26.5k KM)
2022-08-2724799Preparation for trip to south of Spain (Andalusië)

Offroad wheelset:
- Metzeler MC360 90/90-21 (midhard) / re-used bibmousse
- Metzeler MC360 140/80-18 (midhard) / fitted new but used bibmousse M02

Replaced my aluminium Rade Garage skidplate/toolbox for a Vanasche Motorsports/ Molecule Motosports UHMW skidplate.

edit: triptotal 1563KM
2021-12-3122429400Yearly maintenance
- oilfilters HiFlo
- Motorex Crosspower 10w60
- valve inspection (IN L 0,00 - IN R 0,05 - EX L 0,20 - EX R 0,20)
- valves adjusted to IN 0,15 - EX 0,20
- changed in-tank fuelfilter Mahle KL97
- new spark plugs, Inside NGK LKAR9BI-10, Outside NGK LMAR7DI-10

- SKF dual compound forkseal and dustcap (partnr 52 254837) 48x58,2x9,5
- Motorex 5w forkoil; 630ml per side, 100mm airchamber (filled bottom 500cc, 130cc top)
- inner & outer bushing 100%, no change
- rebound 11 clicks out / compression 9 clicks out

- new shift lever KTM partnr 79434031100 (EXC OEM '17)
2021-11-2622228396Fitted a Seat Concepts comfort seat (foam and black cover kit)
New Kriega Rally Pack - Tail Bag
2021-08-0819556338Allroad wheels:
Motoz RallZ tires (lasted 8500 km) changed for Pirelli MT 21 Rallycross 140/80-18 and 90/90-21.
Changed motoroil. Motorex Crosspower 10w60
2020-11-02Fitted new tires on the offroad wheels
1x 140/80-18 Metzeler MC360 midhard (with bibmouse)
1x 90/90-21 Metzeler MC360 midhard (with bibmouse)

Switched wheelset:
Original wheels for allroad and secondhand set for offroad use (with bibmousse)
2020-10-1014995259Yearly maintenance
- oilfilters & screens (servicekit HQV)
- Motorex Crosspower 10w60
- valve inspection (IN L 0,05 - IN R 0,05 - EX L 0,15 - EX R 0,20)
- valves adjusted to IN 0,15 - EX 0,25
- changed fuelfilters:
- in tank filter Mahle KL97
- inline (inside connector) filter KTM partnr 78141013190
- added some fuel injection cleaner LIQUI MOLY 5110
- inspection spark plugs, all fine, change next time (Inside NGK LKAR9BI-10, Outside NGK LMAR7DI-10)

- cleaned & oiled 5 airfilters R/G TwinAir
2020-10-0514995259Fitted new PivotPegz MK4
2020-06-0111087Motoz RallZ tires on the extra (allroad) wheels

1 x Motoz Tractionator Rall Z Tube Type TRXR 90/90-21 54 R TT DOT ECER75 £54.17
1 x Motoz Tractionator Rall Z TRXR 140/80-18 74 R TT Tube Type Rear Tyre DOT ECER75 £70.83

1 x Motoz 18" 110-140 (3mm Heavy Duty- 4.00,5.00x18) £17.50
1 x Motoz 21" 80-90 (3mm Heavy Duty- 3.00,3.25x21) £15.83
2020-05-21Due to the corona virus there are much more bicycles and people walking the unpaved roads. Treated myself on a second set of (second hand) Excel wheels for more road oriented tires.
2020-03-0710109172Preparation for Transpana 2020 [edit: cancelled due to corona covid-19 virus]
New tyres: Metzeler MC360 midhard 90/90-21 & 140/80-18 with Michelin bibmousse M02 & M16
New chain: DID VX3 and sprockets 15/48
Changed air-filter
2020-01-039304157Dealer flashed ECU with the Akra Evo mapping from Husqvarna
- Rade Garage auxiliary tank (+5,9 ltr) & Twinair filter
- added extra fueltap to maintank, KTM partnr 58507003200
- SAS delete by Rottweiler Performance
- Canister remover by Rottweiler Performance
- removed Lambda sensor
- fuel dongle by Rottweiler Performance

Moved the Oxford heated grips controller to navigation tower
- billet chain guard NiceCNC (Aliexpress)
- short Magura clutchlever, and made it even shorter 🙂
2019-11-08~8500Yearly maintenance by dealer:
- airfilter LX1919
- oilfilters & screens
- Motorex Crosspower 10w60
- brakefluid changed front & rear
- Metzeler MC360 90/90-21
- Metzeler MC360 140/80-18

For the first time since years I've balanced my wheels. What an awesome difference. It took 90 gram (!) without rimlocks!
- heat grips Oxford Sport
2019-08-066789115Pre-emptive change of fuelfilters
- in tank filter Mahle KL97
- inline (inside) filter KTM partnr 78141013190

Took out the swingarm and linkage for inspecting the amount of grease used. Was not necessary. Added some grease anyway.

Changed the old Goldentyre GT723R (first). Second Goldentyre lasted 3650km, was not 100% done.
- Pirelli Scorpion MX midhard 554 80/200-21 (MC360 was really done at total of 3530km)
- new innertube 21"

- Motorex Crosspower 10w60
- oilfilters Hiflo HF155 + HF651
- copper washers

Added 1/2 dose of xeramic injector cleaner (~60cc)
- Goldentyre GT723R 140/80-18 (old not done, switched before starting TET UK)
- new airfilter Mahle LX1919
- Perun moto heelguards for mounting my brand new 21brothers Rogal 40Ltr bag
- Scotts steeringdamper on a (prototype) Rade Garage bracket
- shader R/G fairing
- additional hose guide R/G
- ABS dongle (for default ABS settings: rear - OFF / front - ON)
- Goldentyre GT723R 140/80-18 & new innertube (thin)
- Metzeler MC360 80/100-21 & new innertube (heavyduty 24mx, 2,5mm)
- billet rearbrake tip (Aliexpress)
- DIY brakesnake

Dissasembled the sidestandswitch and fitted the magnet with a few layers heat shrink tubing under my sadle.
2018-12-02Added a pair of Doubletake Adventure mirrors
2018-11-15Fixed my leaking slave clutch cilinder with Brembo parts:
- Partnr. 54832066000 PISTON CPL.
- Partnr. 59032065000 GASKET FOR SLAVE CYLINDER
- Partnr. 54832067000 O-RING
- DOT 4 fluid
2018-11-041360Added a heatshield to prevent burning my pants
2018-11-011360First service by dealer
- new oil (motorex cross power 10w60) & filters
- xeramic injector cleaner
- luggage rack from Perun moto
- sidestand extension plate
- Enduristan Rally Pack (waterproof tailbag for my tools)
2018-09-29401Install some parts:
- Rade Garage fairing
- Rade Garage skidplate with toolbox
- Wings exhaust (muffler only)
- Pivot pegz
- Motionpro fork bleeders
- Billet filler adapter tankcap from
- Cycra probend ultra CRM handguards

Disassemble the (long) licenseplate holder and add a new LED licenseplate light
2018-09-2200Picked up my brand new bike 🙂